Equine Physiotherapy £80

Canine Physiotherapy £45

Rehabilitation training sessions £50

Individual riding lessons £50, on your own horse

The serious stuff

ALL appointments are to be made via email: or whatsapp 07799627325

if it is your first assessment please provide your vets and any relevant information, outside of a maintenance treatment I will need to discuss your horses treatment with your vet.

Please call your vet in the first instance if you believe that your horse is lame, has had a sudden change in behaviour or performance

No communication or appointments will be taken via instagram or Facebook messenger

Treatment fees are to be made on the day of treatment by cash or bank transfer

Please ensure your horse is clean, free of mud, urine and fecal matter.

A responsible and capable person must be available to hold the horse during treatment.

Where possible please ensure that a clean and flat area is available during treatment.

Please ensure that the horses tack is available and if appropriate that someone is available to ride the horse during assessment.

If your horse is known to kick, bite or behave aggressively please forwarn me and consider whether it could be appropriate for the horse to be sedated to enable a more thorough treatment and ensure the safety of others.

During your appointment you will be expected to provide accurate details of the horses clinical history